Steve Scouter

Steve with goats


This is me with my goat from a goat trip I went on with our Venture Scouts. It was great hiking with a 15-lb. pack.

I’ve been in Scouting for over 30 years, working at all levels, from the unit to the zone, the district and even council with the University of Scouting. I received my Silver Beaver in 2011.

Years ago, over 30, on a 50-miler with our boys, we ran into a couple from Wisconsin on a 10,000 foot pass in the Uintas. They were 64 or 65 and had been coming to Utah to backpack together for years. My goal on that day was to be like them, backpacking and camping when I reach 65. I reached that milestone a year ago, but haven’t been out since. I’m hoping to make it in 2018.

When I’m not enjoying the outdoors, i.e., in my real life, I’m a lawyer. My website is here. I also blog on a variety of other topics here. I’m married with six grown kids, three boys and three girls. All of them love the outdoors. Nancy and I have 15 grandchildren, with one more scheduled to arrive in 2018.


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